New Stories Published in 2017

Five of my short stories were published in 2017; two of them were new sales and are award-eligible. I am rather pleased with both pieces.

Little Green Guys appeared in Little Green Men — Attack!, Bryan Thomas Schmidt’s March anthology. It’s about a burglar named In-and-Out Wachowski and his meeting with two aliens who took a wrong turn near Albuquerque in 1947.

More fantasy than science fiction, it’s homage to Damon Runyon, one of my favorite storytellers; told completely tongue-in-cheek. I had fun with this one.

The book is available from Amazon and other booksellers.

Stay showed up on Pod Castle in March, as a part of Artemis Rising 3. It’s one of my Seattle Supernatural stories; urban fantasy with magic, detectives, shapeshifters and two sets of star-crossed lovers. Rachael says I write a lot of love stories; this is one.


Cretaceous On Ice


All SF writers have at least one dinosaur story. Mine is Cretaceous On Ice and it’s up now over at Perihelion Science Fiction.

It’s one of my personal favorites ; an homage to a story on my top ten  favorite SF list – Howard Waldrop’s Ugly Chickens, which I first read half a lifetime ago.

Thanks to Sam Bellotto Jr. for accepting the story and for commissioning a  great illustration by Jesse Jennings. It caught the story perfectly.

And faithful readers – I hope you laugh in all the right places.