At Every Day Fiction

My flash fiction, Canticles, is the story of the day today at Every Day Fiction.

It’s crime noir, a cautionary tale about the perils of stealing from your boss — particularly when your boss is a made man.  Capiche?

Check it out if you have the chance; let me know what you think.

Back in the saddle

After a six-month stint, I stepped down last week as a slush reader for Every Day Fiction. My time in the job was a delight and an education, and I think I am a better writer and a better editor for the experience.

It’s amazing what some folks submit to magazines, hoping to be published. That was part of the education. But it was also so much fun to happen upon a well-told tale. That was the delight.

And stepping down allows me to submit flash fiction to Camille and Jordan again. I wasted no time.

The day after I turned in my notice, Jake Freivald, editor at Flash Fiction Online, e-mailed me, passing on Canticles. So I wiped its nose, tucked in its noir and sent it back out the door to Every Day Fiction.

I just heard from Camille. She said it was “a great story” and that she would give it a home.

Canticles didn’t wander around forever, but it’s a good example of why a writer shouldn’t give up on a story because one or two (or a dozen) editors reject it. If it’s a good story, the right fusion of writer-story- editor will happen.

As Tim Allen’s Captain Jason Nesmith said in Galaxy Quest, “Never give up. Never surrender.”

Thanks, Camille. It’s good to be back on the writers’ roster at Every Day Fiction.

I’ll let the rest of you know when to look for Canticles. Thanks for dropping by.

Flash fiction chronicles contest

Gay Degani is running a nifty writing contest over at Flash Fiction Chronicles through August 16th.

Just 250 words and the 1st Place Winner will have his or her story published at Every Day Fiction in October.  In addition, the winner gets a copy of The Best of Every Day Fiction 2008 and an “I Write Every Day” t-shirt.

2nd and 3rd Place Winners will have their stories published at Flash Fiction Chronicles and receive a copy of The Best of Every Day Fiction 2008.

Check it out, why don’t you?

At big pulp

My short story, Tin Man, is up at Big Pulp today.

Big Pulp is an internet magazine featuring a wide range of pulp fiction and genre artwork. The editors’ definition of genre fiction is very broad, running the gamut from literary fiction and experimental poetry to locked room mysteries, sword and sorcery, and space opera.

Tin Man is a story about Malachi Woodman, a fellow who has crawled into the bottle after his girlfriend left him; and he’s dying of a broken heart as a result.  Only magic can save him, but at what cost?

It’s the third in a series of stories I’m calling Seattle Supernatural.  The first was I Must to the Barber’s Chair, which appeared September 1st, 2oo8, at Every Day Fiction; the second was And Bay the Moon, which was published this past March at The Absent Willow Review.

Check out all three, if you would like; let me know what you think.