This and That

Not much news, good or bad, in the past two months, at least not about my writing. Rachael and I have both fought off the nasty colds that are going around; worrying about the world, too, but I prefer to keep that sort of stuff on Facebook, not here on the blog.

I’ve got four stories out, looking for a home. One has been at Asimov’s since January, but that doesn’t mean a thing. I’ve talked to lots of people recently who have complained how slow that market has become. We’ll see.

I’ve finally had a nibble on my novel, Seventh-Hour Man. In mid-May, an agent asked for the whole manuscript. Not a yes, I’ll represent you, but more action than I’ve seen since last October. Again; we’ll see.

The good news is that I’ve started another novel, Come a Dawn Like Thunder, in collaboration with a friend who lives in our building. The book is a diesel-punk fantasy set in 1941 in Asia. We’re trying to capture the ethos of the old comic strip, Terry and the Pirates. It mixes tech and magic in more or less equal measures and will feature air combat between prop-driven aeroplanes and Asian dragons, with gremlins, ogres, demons and other monsters thrown into the mix. We’ve got about 10,000 words written and we are both excited. I’ll keep you posted.

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