A New Year Update

Thanks to excellent feedback from Bryan Thomas Schmidt and Rebecca Stefoff, I have completed a final submission  draft of my alternate history fantasy novel, now titled Seventh-Hour Man, and I’ve begun a search for an agent and/or a publisher.

Back in August, I submitted a pitch  for the book – then titled Shadowman – to an open submissions call from the publisher Hodder & Stoughton. They received almost 1,500 proposals and have been plowing through the slush pile ever since.

They completed first read December 31st and it appears I’ve made it out of the slush and will received a second reading. Still lots of time and room for them to say no, but it is a step further along the path to a contract.

I’ll keep you posted.

Also, I’ve got a piece of flash scheduled to appear in Daily Science Fiction on January 15th. Last Call is about baseball; about umpires and newspaper reporters and computers. And how some folks are attracted to their jobs out of love of the work, not a desire for money.

I’ll post a link when the time comes.

And finally, the ink is dry on the contract for Little Green Guys, which will appear in Little Green Men – Attack! The anthology is from Baen Books. It is edited by Bryan Thomas Schmidt and Robin Wayne Bailey, and should be out sometime later this year. The story is homage to Damon Runyon. It’s set in Albuquerque in 1947 and features a burglar named In-And-Out Wachowski. I hope it makes you laugh.


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