A New Short Story

Spent time at the West Seattle Starbucks yesterday afternoon, co-writing with Cat Rambo.

It’s not my usual thing. Not that I mind the hubbub after working in a newsroom all those years; but I usually write in private because I like to wave my hands and mutter over plot points and try dialog out loud.

Even so, I got in 1,000 good words yesterday on High Mileage; Well Maintained, Only Driven Weekdays, a new time travel short. I’ve been too busy putting the finishing touches on Shadowman to have time to work on other things, so it felt good to stretch my short-story legs again.

Anyway, thank you, Cat, for joining me. Your company is always welcome.

For those of you who are  interested, here’s a taste of the new WIP:

Twenty years since I swore I would never return to Florida, and there I was; headed north on A1A in search of a used car lot my dear and dead friend, Alex, had promised me was there.

I found the place just past the Melbourne bridge. Two air dancers anchored the front corners of the lot. Plastic arms spread wide in welcome, the two-story, lime-green tubes swayed and twisted in the easy ocean breeze. The lot was paved in bone-white crushed coral. A crackling line of faded multi-colored pennants fluttered on cable strung from the light poles along the highway. And an unlit neon sign across the face of the tired concrete-block building made an unpretentious promise: Used Cars.

I lived in Melbourne when I worked the NASA rockets, so I must have driven by the lot almost every day, but I didn’t recall ever noticing, even though it looked like it had been there near on to forever.

I found out later it had been there sixty years.

One thought on “A New Short Story

  1. Nice to have someone to write with! I like writing in coffeeshops because it makes me focus on what I’m doing. At home it’s easy to get distracted sometimes. But some parts of the process do require walking around talking to yourself, which is usually best done in the privacy of one’s own home.

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