Lifting Up Veronica

I’m pleased and excited to announce that Every Day Publishers, Ltd. has selected my novel, Lifting Up Veronica, to be the first of its Every Day Novels.

Every Day Novels, slated to begin publication in January 2012, will be an online magazine devoted to serialized novels. A new flash-fiction length chapter will be presented daily, in the tradition of the 19th century novels serialized in British and American newspapers.

In addition to the serial run, Lifting Up Veronica will be presented in e-book and print formal after the serialization is complete.

In Lifting Up Veronica, Michael Kovac, a sociologist from Ohio State University, travels to rural West Virginia in the summer of 1960 to shoot footage for a documentary during a week-long tent meeting at a Signs Followers church. The Signs Followers are a Christian sect best know for their practice of handling venomous snakes and participating in other potentially deadly practices.

Every Day Publishing also owns and operates Every Day Fiction, where a number of my flash fiction pieces have appeared.

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