There and back again

Home from L.A. and Writers of the Future. I had a fantastic time.

Had dinner Monday night with Andy, Carol, Gay and Kelly.  Learned a lot from K.D. and Tim, and so many other well-known writers. Strengthened old friendships, participated in the budding of new friendships. Righted a small wrong. Wrote a short story in twenty-four hours (and it wasn’t bad.).

Chatted Saturday night at the barbecue with Larry Niven, carried on a coherent conversation with the man, I think  All I can say is “Wow!”. How many times in our lives do we get to talk to our heroes?

I missed the awards ceremony Sunday night (because of health problems) but everything else was swell.  Thank you Joni and John and Marcus and (especially) Sophie. C’est si bon!

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