Headed to Wyoming

I’ll be on my way to Wyoming this summer.

Got an exciting e-mail from Mike Brotherton this morning. I’ve been invited to attend Launch Pad, the SF writers astronomy workshop July 10-17 at the University of Wyoming in Laramie.

The focus of the NASA-funded program is to “improve science literacy through words and media”.  Hard science lectures, jazzing with other SF writers and a night or two peering at the heavens through the University’s observatory telescopes.

Classes are taught by SF writer (and University of Wyoming astronomy professor) Mike Brotherton and Jim Verley, also of the UW faculty. Guest lecturer this year is Stanley Schmidt, editor of Analog.

Geez, all those hard-science doctorates.  I just hope my business and marketing degrees don’t make me look too stupid.

5 thoughts on “Headed to Wyoming

    • Likewise, Jennifer. There are four of us I know of now — You, me, Shelley Li and Todd Vandermark. I’m sure the other names will float to the surface soon. 😉

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