At Lightspeed

Good news this morning.  John Joseph Adams has purchased my short story, Snapshots I Brought Back from the Black Hole, for a June 2011 publication at Lightspeed magazine.

It’s my fourth pro-rates sale.

Snapshots was my “seventh” Clarion West story.  It’s about humanity’s first voyage to explore a black hole, 1,600 light years from Earth.  It’s narrator is an Artificial Intelligence named Mikhail, the communications officer of Interstellar Vessel Albert Einstein.

I had hoped to have the story done for week six critiquing at CW, but just flat ran out of time, so I substituted Gossamer Yellow, a ghost story.

Thanks, John.  I can hardly wait!

10 thoughts on “At Lightspeed

  1. congratulations K.C. Always a thrill. Look forward to reading it when published. Always wanted to know if there was enough light to take a photo in a black hole. In the olden days, you’d probably need asa2400 or greater with lots of walk-around flash… in in black hole lingo, asa2400 light years!

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