Four weeks and counting

The 2010 Clarion West writers’ workshop begins four weeks from tonight, just up the road aways in the University district.

I would be lying to you if I said I wasn’t nervous, but I’m also excited and SO ready for it to begin. The past ten weeks, since I first learned that I had been invited. The weekly sessions will be taught by- Michael Bishop, Maureen McHugh, Nnedi Okorafor, Graham Joyce, Ellen Datlow and Ian McDonald.

Ellen Datlow is an editor, with more top-notch anthologies to her credit than you can [cliche warning] shake a stick at. I’ve examined several of her books and been reading novels and short stories for the five writers, and I am in awe. This is a bunch of top-notch creative people.n To paraphrase Mark Twain, they’re not just paragraphs; they’re whole pages.

But I’m just as impressed by the work I’ve been reading by my fellow classmates. Seventeen people on the cusp of professional writing careers and every single one of them is younger than I am.

That’s my biggest concern about attending Clarion West; whether or not I can keep up with these folks intellectually and physically. Long days; late hours and little sleep. And six new stories in six weeks.

It’s going to be a challenge.

9 thoughts on “Four weeks and counting

  1. You have a terrific line-up of teachers–this is going to be quite the workshop for you and your classmates! I’m looking forward to hearing about it after wards.

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