Belated comments on Norwescon

It’s Thursday and I’m just getting around to commenting on Norwescon. Good reason, or bad reason, I suppose.

Plague and contagion runs rampant here.

Well, maybe not in such epic proportions, but bad enough to send me packing for medical assistance, and I hate going to the doctor’s office.

I fought the cursed thing all through Norwescon, rasping in a voice that sounded as if I had a throat full of sand. Pushed my way through three panels and a Sunday morning reading that fell flat. Never try to do a public reading when the best adjective to describe your voice is raspy.

But there were joyful moments, too.

Made it, Friday night, to Michael Ehart’s book-launch party for his novel, The Tears of Ishtar, and had a swell time. Thanks, Michael. The book looks fantastic.

All three panels were well attended and successful, I believe. I had a great time at all three, particularly the second one Saturday night — Avoiding Cliches in Urban Fantasy — with co-panelist John Pitts. We both agreed we rocked it. John’s got a new book coming out soon, too. Black Blade Blues.

I met a ton of people, too. Said hello to Sandra Odell, one of my fellow Clarion West 2010 classmates, and Leslie Howle, one of the CW workshop coordinators. Broke bread, on various occasions, with Jordan Lapp and Randy Henderson, from last year’s Clarion West class, and Janet Freeman and Dale Ivan Smith, two of the writers who have appeared in 10Flash. Bumped into Jeremy Zimmerman several times, as well. Jeremy, I heard your story presentation was very well received. Congratulations.

So, I had a great time, but came home Sunday afternoon and literally collapsed. The doctor said it was a sinus infection made worse by allergies. It seems all that nice weather we had here in Seattle a couple of weeks ago brought out the pollen early. Who would have guessed?

6 thoughts on “Belated comments on Norwescon

  1. It was great visiting with you at Norwescon. I was sorry you were under the weather but glad you could make it. For what it’s worth, the two panels you moderated on urban fantasy were terrific–great discussion and lots of food for thought on a favorite sub-genre of mine.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. You mean the critiquing session? Yeah, it went pretty well. I only *almost* fainted. πŸ˜‰ I was on the hot seat for one of the novels I’ve been working on. John Pitts was one of the pros who provided feedback. They had some high praise for it, but also a lot of changes that I need to look strongly at.

    As usual, I enjoyed your panels. You gave me lots to think about and encouraged me to work harder. I’m again sorry I couldn’t make your reading. Dawn told me it went well and had a good showing, so I’m surprised to hear you didn’t feel good about it. Most of the readings I went to were attended by, “friends of the author, plus one stranger.” I don’t know if you knew the other attendees, but Dawn’s report made it sound like it was good. =)

    • Yeah: the critiquing session. I’d love to read a bit of the novel, if you want to send it along. Thank Dawn for me — for showing up for the reading and for the kind words. πŸ˜‰

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