In the pipe and coming home

Just a quick note.

I got the galleys for Flotsam from Trevor Quachri at Analog today.  Ten pages with my name on them.   And did I say that it’s Analog?   I know everyone thinks their baby is beautiful, but even so.

Pardon me while I giggle and do the happy dance.

2 thoughts on “In the pipe and coming home

  1. That’s so awesome! I’ll dance with you in celebration.

    (I received a rejection from Asimov’s today – and I have nothing outstanding with them. Do you think it’s just very efficient or a premonition regarding my next story? I’ve never suffered from premature rejection before. :/)

  2. Happy Dance indeed! Savor it!! And remind me when your issue comes out? Trevor told me he’d know possibly as soon as next week if mine will be the October 2010 issue, or not. I hope so, it would be fun to show up at WOTF with a copy (copies?) of my Analog issue in hand. K.C. you absolutely have to make sure and bring copies of yours. As writerly flash.

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