This and that

  • The check was in the mail today from Analog (Dell Publications, actually) for Flotsam.  Still no word on publication date, but then that’s from another office.  I’m ever so pleased with the payment,  and I’m excited about the sale; but the numbers on the check — $360 — show why a writer can’t make a living selling genre fiction.   Even so, Analog!  Woot!
  • The Best of Everyday Fiction Two is on the shelf now.  I have four stories in it — I Must to the Barber’s Chair, In His PrimeOh, Woman of Easy Virtue and Upon The Doorsteps.  The title is linked.  Check it out; you won’t be sorry.   It’s a great collection from a great publication.  Congratulations, Camille.  You’ve hit a home run again.
  • I’m on target for 150, 000 words this year. 14,500 since January 1 and three short stories completed — Crossing the Barrens, a westernesque fantasy that features a medicine show with God as its chief shill; Cretaceous on Ice, a tongue-in-cheek eccentric inventor tale that feels a lot like the SF stories I grew up with, and The Night Bus Doesn’t Stop Downtown on Mondays, Anymore, a moody bit of flash fiction set in Seattle.  The first two are already in the mail.  I’m still polishing Night Bus.

12 thoughts on “This and that

  1. That’s great to hear that you have stuff out there. The sobering commentary on genre fiction writing as a career makes me a little sad, but your success is still inspiring. As luck would have it, I got paid yesterday. I’ll have to pick up a copy of your anthology.

    • Thanks, Jeremy. 😉

      You may have heard I’m going to be a panelist at Norwescon 33 the first weekend in April. If you’re there and you have a chance, stop by and we’ll chat awhile about writing.

  2. You implied you’d be a panelist on your previous post, but I also saw your name on the list of panelists on the Norwescon Web site. I’ll be there with my copy of The Best of Everday Fiction Two hoping for an autograph. 😉 I would love the opportunity to chat with you about writing. I would have approached you at RustyCon, but I hate feeling like a pest.

  3. I’d say that almost nobody can make a living doing short fiction in SF & F anymore. That used to not be the case 60 years ago, but in 2010… Nearly impossible.

    Still, like K.C.’s ANALOG check, mine stands to be fairly healthy. A worthwhile bonus to the February and March household budget. And much appreciated.

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