An update

I haven’t posted for awhile about what I’m working on. So here’s an update on what I’ve done since October 6.

  • finished first draft of Without Leave, a 3,500-word story about a warrior who has had his fill of battle.
  • finished first draft of The Night Bus Doesn’t Stop at Tuesday Anymore, a 1,000-word flash about a sleepy fellow on a time-traveling bus.
  • finished first draft of Distant Voices, a 2,500-word tale about a painter who hears voices that may not be just in his head.
  • completed an outline for my SF novel, which I am now calling Ties of Blood. I added a subplot that involves a traveling circus and got a really clear picture of who my antagonist is and the details of what he wants.
  • wrote another 12, 500 words toward the end of Ties of Blood.
  • rewrote Upon Whom the Pale Moon Gleams, after getting a really remarkable critique from Tom Crosshill. I’m calling the rewrite The Fluting Man. God, I love good critiques. Tom gets right to the heart of the story, as does Kelly Green and Gay Degani. The three of them are fast becoming my preferred first readers

I’m going to let the three first drafts and the rewrite sit and cool for a week or so, and then I’ll brush their hair and scrub their faces. Get them ready to send out into the world.

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