At A Thousand Faces

Issue 10 of A Thousand Faces, the quarterly journal of super- human fiction, is out today and it contains my story, A Son of the Night.

I’m sort of pumped about this one for a couple of reasons.

First, it’s been a long time coming, even though it’s the first SF story I sold that is longer than flash length. Editor Frank Byrnes bought it last October — October 2008 — and now it’s found it’s way into the magazine.

Second, it’s being presented online and in print. I love to see my work on the Internet. But there’s something special about ink & paper. Don’t you just love the smell of laser-jet ink in the morning?

Third, a story by one of my online friends, Erin Kinch — Dinner for Three — is also in the magazine. WTG, Erin! Another notch in the pistol for both of us.

And finally, it’s just a heck of a good story. Rory Mathersby, a graphic novelist, wants so much to be a superhero, just like his creation, Swath. Rory has the money and the determination to pull it off — if the realities of life would just stop interferring.

You can check it out online at A Son of the Night, until Issue 11 comes out. Or you can buy a paper copy of the magazine at Lulu and keep it forever. Either way, I hope you enjoy Rory’s story.

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