At Orycon

Got into Portland just before two p.m. yesterday, after a great trip down via Amtrak. The only negative part of the journey was trying to figure out how to get into Union Station in Seattle. I swear they don’t want people to use the place.

Seating aboard the Coach Starlight was fantastic. The first time I’ve ever traveled anywhere by public transportation when I was able to stretch my legs out in front of me. Lunch in the dining car was tasty — a nicely cooked burger and a slice of peanut butter and chocolate pie.

I had a chance to chat with people on the train. A couple nearby — Fred and Johanna — were on their way to Orycon, too. Nice folks. The three of us rode the street car to the Double Tree hotel.

My room is spacious and I had a great night’s sleep. Unfortunately, I crashed early because I stayed up all night Thursday night, working on a story, and by six p.m., I was stumbling and incoherent.

I did have a chance to take in a couple of panel discussions before I crumpled. Also said hello to Michael Ehart, who wrote Without Napier , one of my favorite stories at Every Day Fiction, to Mary Rosenblum, of Long Ridge Writers Group, and to my old traveling buddy, Kevin Shamel, who is here to promote his new book, Rotten Little Animals.

I was up at four a.m. this morning, for a couple hours of writing.  It’s almost seven a.m. now.  Time to get ready and go down to face the day.

More later.

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