I love the smell of a sale in the morning

I know I keep hammering away at the importance of persistence, but damn it, it’s important. Here’s one more example.

The Maple Leaf Maneuver is a snarky bit of fun that uses Canada’s recent changes it its Citizenship Law as a jumping off point. It’s one of those stories that if you asked how much of it is true, I would have to say all of it — except for the parts that I made up.

Anyway, I sent it off awhile back to a flash fiction contest. The results were announced early last week and my name wasn’t on the list. ::sigh::

But I knew it was a good story, so instead of sitting around, trying to figure out why I had failed and feeling sorry for myself, I sent it off right away to Every Day Fiction.

Managing Editor Camille Gooderham Campbell e-mailed me early today — a five-day turnaround — to say she thought the story was great fun and that she wanted to buy it.

God, this business is so much about finding the right writer-story- editor match. It’s like putting the pieces of a jigsaw together or recognizing the proper sudoku pattern. I’m starting to think of it as fusion.

Anyway, thank you, Camille. 😉

A 10/31/09 Update: I just got the word.  The Maple Leaf Maneuver will appear on November 23, 2009.  I’ll post a reminder.

6 thoughts on “I love the smell of a sale in the morning

  1. K.C., I share your frustration over searching out markets, but I’m saying nay (often) to non-paying publishers and over-submitting to those friendly editors. Oh, how I wish I could just write and leave the marketing and promotion to someone else!

    • Ain’t it the truth, Walt.

      I’m waiting now to hear back from a pro market that asked for a rewrite. I sent one back on the bounce, of course. But they only correspond by snail mail and the wait is driving me crazy. 😦

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