Tomorrow at Foolscap 11

Foolscap 11, the SF convention devouted to the discussion of written science fiction and fantasy, started a three-day run today at the Marriott Town Center in Redmond.

Novelist Peter David and artist Jeff Sturgeon are featured guests.  A ton of other local writers, including two of my favorites, Jay Lake and David Levine, will be there, too.

I’m going to drop by tomorrow (Saturday).

It’s my first time at a convention devouted only to written SF and I’m looking forward to it.

5 thoughts on “Tomorrow at Foolscap 11

    • Redmond WA indeed. The con was at the Marriott in the new Redmond Town Center and it was fun. Small and intimate, focusing on stories in print (which includes graphic novels).

      Sat in on some discussion panels, including one on collaborative writing, with Jay Lake and Shannon Page. And attended a number of readings. My favorite was A Letter to the Editor, a new piece by David Levine. It’s a very funny riff on the Superman legend.

      Also had some excellent Cold Stone Creamery sweet-cream-flavored ice cream in a chocolate-and-coconut-dipped waffle cone. Ummmmm, ice cream. 😉

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