At every day poets

The folks at Every Day Poets have accepted another of my tongue-in-cheek rhymes — Bear Necessities.

It will mark my sixth appearance at the daily poetry site. It’s offered as a little something for Halloween, all about a girl name Sarah Blaine and teddy bears and childish obsession.

Oonah called it “nice horror”, said it reminded her of a Hitchcock film. Constance said she’d never look at her children’s stuff animals in the same way after reading it. Kathleen referred to it as a “rollicking light bit of fun”.

We need to watch out for Kathleen.

Even so, I’m with her, although I do think she was too kind to call it rollicking. Chuckle-inducing would have been a strong enough adjective, I believe. But that’s just me.

Oonah. Constance. Kathleen. Thank you for reading and accepting Bear Necessities. I’m pleased you liked it.

I’ll post a warning for everyone else when it’s due to appear. šŸ˜‰

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