What is the plural of flash?

The last few words of Wayfarer still elude me, so I focused on a couple pieces of flash this past week — The First Time and The Maple Leaf Maneuver.

Two stories couldn’t be any more different.

The First Time is somber and melancholy.  It’s about one of my most returned to topic, death and the process of dying.  Rachael says I focus on it so much that I should change my name to Elisabeth Kübler-Ross.

The Maple Leaf Maneuver is a snarky bit of fun that uses Canada’s recent changes it its Citizenship statutes as a jumping off point.  This is one of those stories that if you asked how much of it is true, I would have to say all of it — except for the parts that I made up.

I sent it off to a flash fiction contest at Gemini Magazine.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  I haven’t figured out where to send the other piece yet.  We’ll see.

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