Workshopping – day 6

It has been an amazing eight days here.  I haven’t posted since last Wednesday because I’ve spent the last five days rewriting all three of my stories following intense critiquing sessions. A Prayer for Saint Barbara is now Fat-Bottomed Girl and For the Plucking has morphed into Fractal JackAs a Wind Among the Reeds has kept its title but like the other two, it has lost almost 2,500 words and has been radically restructured.

It’s almost 9:00 p.m. here in Lawrence and I just finished Fractal Jack. There will be more critiquing and the Campbell and Sturgeon Awards winners are going to join us for class on Friday. But my stories are complete, so there will be much less pressure on me for the next four days. I’m not going to do a long entry tonight; I am so tired. But I promise more tomorrow. Honest.

BTW, I’ve been talking to Rachael every night, via cell phone, and she told me I got my comp copy of the Brit horror magazine Morpheus Tales in the mail today.  My flash, To Each His Niche and Task, is in it and my name is third on the cover, below Joe Lansdale. I am, as Jon and Sarah say, so chuffed.

2 thoughts on “Workshopping – day 6

  1. Yo Mama! Three stories restructured and rewritten and from the sound of it, ready to hit the presses. I like your new titles a lot. What fun it’s been reading your posts. I can’t believe you’ve been there 8 days!!

    Can’t wait to talk to you more about your adventures. 10Flash seems to be getting lots of hits. I hope Rachael has a bottle of champagne waiting for you when you get back to the Pacific Northwest.

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