Workshopping – day 2

Zombie slave labor.  Robert J. Oppenheimer and flying saucers. Decrepit space stations. Intelligent, space-faring birds. Near-earth orbit junk collectors.  Memory-erasing drugs.  Growing up female in 21st century China.  Finding the true nature of spirituality.

Those are the diverse and intriguing topics for the first round of stories at James Gunn’s 2009 SF Writers Workshop.  Four critiques yesterday and four today, all presented awash in great ideas, beautiful writing and mind-stretching conversation.

Great stories. Great company.  Lots of time to talk and write.  My only concern about the program is why I haven’t come here before this.

BTW, don’t forget to check out the premier issue of my new flash fiction quarterly — 10Flash — Wednesday morning.  It features ten great genre flash fiction stories, all written around a unifying theme.

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