Now playing in Lawrence

It’s Sunday morning and I’m sitting,in Aimee’s Place, an internet cafe in downtown Lawrence,  Kansas, having breakfast, chatting with some of the other folks participating in the SF Writers’ Workshop — and blogging, of course.

Yesterday’s trip was uneventful, other than a spectacular view of the Cascade Mountains, as we flew east out of Seattle. At Kansas City International Airport, A limousine service was waiting for me for the 60-minute trip to Lawrence.  I had a pleasant chat with the driver, a fellow named Mike Shapiro about writing and movies and Las Vegas, where he worked for twenty-plus years in various casinos.

I love striking up conversations with strangers. It turns out that Mike’s cousin is executive producer for The United States of Tara, the Showtime series starring Toni Collette and John Corbett, which is one of my favorite television shows.  Thanks for the swell chat, Mike.

We arrived right on time, at the University of Kansas dormitory that will be my home for the next two weeks.  After settling in, I sat up until past midnight, chatting with Chris McKitterick, the program’s assistant director, Kij Johnson, for the novel-writing portion of the workshop, and four or five other early arrivals.

What a hoot to have a chance to talk to other writers who love science fiction as much as I do.

I was up early this morning to work on the first round of critiques — I have four of six done now — and wrote for a couple of hours on Being Abednego, the new piece I working on.  4,500 words so far, with maybe another 5,000 or 6,000 to go.  I hope to finish it before the workshop ends.  It is so cool that the more I write longer pieces, the easier it is to go those distances.     Stretching writing muscles, I suppose.

And so to breakfast then, which is almost done.  The introductory session for the workshop is later this afternoon.  We’re headed back to the dorm for more chat.

More later.

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