At flash fiction online

My flash, At Both Ends, is in the June issue of Flash Fiction Online, which went live today.

At Both Ends is presented tongue-in-cheek, so I hope you get a chuckle out of it, but it also considers the personal costs involved in the proper use of power.

Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben said it best. Great responsibility does come with great power — and great sacrifice is a part of the package, too.

Jake Freivald, publisher and editor at Flash Fiction Online, had this to say: I came to love Spiderman through thousands of pages of comic books and hundreds of minutes of movie-watching; K.C. made me feel for her superhero in just a few words.

Check it out, if you get a chance; let me know what you think.

BTW, this story is my first professional-rates sale and I am most grateful for the purchase. Thanks, Jake!

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