I have a new favorite artist

I just got back from the mailbox.

I now have in my possession two complimentary copies of Issue 8 of Murky Depths, the British speculative fiction quarterly, and I am in awe of Neil Struthers.

Neil is the artist who created the illustration for my flash, Nosing with the Four-Stroke Kid, which appears in Issue 8, and his two-page spread is awesome.

Neil’s vision of the story’s mystery woman is everything I imagined when I wrote:

When she pulled her helmet off, she looked like Uma Thurman on a bad-hair day.  All platinum spikes and black roots and wicked-sharp elbows.

The Kid didn’t mind.  He figured the hair for honest and he could take a jab to the ribs with the best of them.  It wouldn’t come to that, though.  The woman and her wheels were a matched set, covered in matte black and bristling with chromes spikes, but the Kid had no interest in the rider.

He was a self-proclaimed expert in all things dirt bike, but he couldn’t name the one that she straddled.

Thank you, Neil!  You are now my favorite artist.

You can order a copy of Murky Depths here.

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