The kid in murky depths

issue8The 8th issue of the British speculative fiction magazine, Murky Depths, is on sale now.  Shipping will begin this week and my flash fiction, Nosing with the Four-Stroke Kid, is in there.

As my Brit friends, Jon and Sarah, would say, I am chuffed about this one. I haven’t seen it yet, my author copies are in the mail, but I’ve seen previous issues of the magazine and presentation is first rate.

I have also seen work done by artist Neil Struthers, who is illustrator for my story, and he has a great Mad Max-Biker Chic style that fits perfectly with the Four-Stroke Kid.

The story is about chrome spikes and black leather and dirt bikes and over-weaning curiosity. I am hoping, after reading my tale, that you will never see another dirt bike or hear another diesel engine without thinking about the Four-Stroke Kid.

I’ll tell you more when I get my hands on the book. I can hardly wait.

4 thoughts on “The kid in murky depths

  1. Hey, I’m in issue # 8, too. Received my contributor’s copies today (I live in the U.K so I’ve had them quicker, I suppose). Anyway, I just read ‘Nosing With The Four-Stroke Kid’. It’s great. Short and to the point. No excess baggage.

    Anyway, if it’s cool with you, I’ll put a link to you on my page. Let me know.



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