Kindling the flame

My friend Gay tipped me off to an article in The Wall Street Journal today.  How the E-Book Will Change the Way We Read and Write takes a look at the Kindle, Amazon’s new electronic “book”.

It’s an interesting read.

I’ve been considering buying a Kindle since last summer but haven’t done so — so far.  The only real reason I haven’t is purely financial, and has nothing to do with the cost of the device.

If I lose one book, I don’t have to rebuild my entire library. If I lose my Kindle, I would.  That’s not because I have any special feeling for those books, though.

I have talked to people who tell me that they collect books because they love the way those pages feel and smell and look.  I buy books because of the stories they contain.  I rarely read non-fiction and when I do, it is almost always about story-telling.

That’s what I love — stories.

I am an addict.  And I see Kindle as a way to get my regular fix without having to tote eight million pounds of paper and ink around behind me, like some sort of Jacob Marley.

Now if Amazon just comes up with some way to protect my library on-line; I’m willing to pay some reasonable fee for that.  I hate packing books and lugging them around, every time I move.

Maybe they already have; I should Google it, huh?

6 thoughts on “Kindling the flame

  1. KC, I’m a proud Kindle owner. The Kindle is a fantastic device and I’m sure you would love it. Your Kindle purchases are stored on If you lose your Kindle or it gets destroyed, you just deregister it there and then you can make amazon re-send to your new device. If you don’t trust amazon to do that, you can download your purchases and save them on your computer. Then when you want to move books onto your device, you just connect via USB and move over as much as you want.

  2. Cool beans! I really should have Googled it. 😉

    Thanks for the information, Larry. I know now what I’m asking Santa to bring me for Christmas.

    Second thought; I may have to ask if he’ll do a fly-over on Memorial Day.

  3. If you ever do get the Kindle, you’ll have to let me know how you like it. I would really like to have one. I think it would be very convenient for travelling. I could take enough books with me that I wiould never run out on a week’s vacation, and yet not have to fill up luggage space. It also seems like it would be a cheaper way of checking out a book that I’m interested in trying without plunking down full price for the book (especially if it’s only in hardback!).

    However, I actually love books themselves, too. I really prefer reading on pages than electronically (even though I’ve read that the Kindle is as close to a book as electronic can be). If I tried a book on spec on the Kindle and it was a “keeper” for me, I would eventually have to get a paper copy of it. I would still want to grow my physical book collection with my favorites — I just wouldn’t care about not buying keeper copies of books I didn’t like that much.

    With that caveat, I have not yet been able to justify the expense of the Kindle. But, maybe someday. 🙂

  4. It’s the difference in our ages, Erin. After 42 years of lugging all that paper, if I never look at another box full of books, it would be too soon. 😉

  5. The Kindle is cool, but yeah, still way too expensive for me. I’m waiting for it to get cheaper and better, as all tech eventually does. They need a simple one that you can just sync up to a computer and doesn’t have all the extra junk on there. Cut the price in half (or more).

    If they make the screen bigger and add color I’ll be in trouble though. If I could dump all these comic book boxes filling up my closet and store them on a Kindle I’ll be hard pressed to resist.

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