Yes, Sir! It’s my first time

Friday, I got a painful rejection from Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine.  I had such hopes for Deadman’s Drop, a swell tale of what one man will endure for love and revenge; it would have been my first sale to a professional-rates publication.

Today I got e-mail from Editor Jake Freivald, at Flash Fiction Online, accepting my flash, At Both Ends.  And guess who pays professional rates?


At Both Ends presents a conversation at the multiplex — one of those casual chats struck up while waiting for your spouse, significant other or friend (pick one or more) to return from the restrooms, and it considers the balance between power and responsibility.

So, it would seem that I have at last nosed my way into the ranks of professional writers.  I’ll let you know when I get word on the publication date.  And unless you’re halfway around the world, you’ll hear my shout of joy the day it goes online.

Thank you very much, Jake!

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