Trying my hand at the publishing game

I haven’t told you yet about 10Flash.

10Flash is a new on-line flash fiction site that will specialize in genre stories — fantasy, horror, science fiction and suspense. Once each quarter, we will present ten pieces of flash fiction that share a common theme.

I am the editor and the first issue will go on-line July 1st, 2009. It’s a paying market, too; not much, because it’s coming out of my pocket, but still 0ne-two cents a word isn’t anything to sneeze at.

Submissions for the first issue is by invitation. Those have gone out and I’ve heard back from everyone. I’m encouraged by the response — eight said yes and two asked for a week or two to think about ideas. Two of the affirmatives have already submitted a story.

Of course, everyone and their second cousins are starting on-line magazines. I think what will make 10Flash special is that each issue is tied up by a theme thread. All the stories for the July issue, for example, will involve a librarian traveling in a foreign land.

Check out the site at 10Flash, if you like. I’d love to hear what you think.

2 thoughts on “Trying my hand at the publishing game

  1. So, how did you come up with your themes? Just brainstorming on some fun topics on your end, or was there a method to your madness. I love the librarian theme because it’s so specific. It will be fascinating to read what 10 different people did with a theme that specific.

  2. There is no method to my madness, Erin — just tossing stuff around, don’t you know? Maybe the next one will be a clever young writer from Texas who just discovered she is pregnant. BTW, I’m glad you like the librarian theme. I am expecting a submission from you. 😉

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