Dealing with rejection

It is intriguing how a string of acceptances, even from smaller markets, can soften the impact of a single rejection, even from a major publication.

I received snail mail yesterday from Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, an envelope I have been waiting to get for 14 weeks.  Of course, I had been hoping that they would say they were buying Deadman’s Drop.  Instead, they said no thank you.

Eighteen months ago, that rejection would have been devastating, would have had me wondering if I should just pack up the word processor and give up trying to become a professional writer.  Today, it’s just frustrating.

Since last June, I have had 25 stories published, or accepted for publication, all at small press markets.  The only rejections I have received in six months have been from publications that pay professional rates.

It’s a tough egg to crack; I realize that.  Deadman’s Drop is a good story, I am certain it will be accepted when I send it off to a smaller publication.   But I wanted to see it in Ellery Queen.

Oh, well.  Time to get it ready to back out in the mail.

One thought on “Dealing with rejection

  1. I totally feel your pain here! I had the same thing happen to me recently. I guess the motto is to try and try again. One of these days we’ll crack the professionals! 🙂

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