Don’t fence me in

Lyn Perry e-mailed today to say he had accepted my poem, The Cards You’re Dealt, for CyberAliens Press’s up-coming print anthology, Silly Westerns.

The Cards You’re Dealt is a medium-long narrative poem about a poker game aboard a train headed for the California gold fields in 1849.  Not miners, mind you; One-Eyed Bob, Fat Ned, Dapper Bobby Kirk and the others were the sort that wore suits.

According to Lyn, the book will feature “hilarious stories of the Wild West, some sappy Prairie Romance, and even a little bit o’ SteamPunk, as long as it’s knock-us-on-our-butt funny! We’re also lookin’ fer cowboy poetry and limericks, art and comics, and anything else that’s sure-as-shootin’ silly.

Publication is set for October 1, 2009.  I’ll post order information when it’s available.

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