Don’t pay the ransom

Almost two weeks since I last posted; sorry about that.

It’s been a crazy fortnight.

I was sick for a time; it seems that I have developed allergies as I have aged. We went to see Watchmen one afternoon and decided to have lunch at California Pizza Kitchen before settling in at the theater. I had a couple of Thai spring rolls and slathered on the peanut sauce. Tasty!

But as we exited the movie, my throat was beginning to feel scratchy and by the time we got home it hurt to swallow. An hour later, I felt as if all my joints had been pumped up to 36 p.s.i. and my throat was filled with mucus.

A trip to Urgent Care cleared it all up, God bless modern pharmaceuticals, but I have had my last taste of spicy peanut sauce; maybe any sort of peanut. I do not want to go through that again.

I am also waiting for notice as to whether or not I will be going to Clarion West this summer. The deadline for submissions was March 1st; I mailed mine the last week in January, so I am beginning to feel like the two fools in Waiting for Godot.

And I began working as a slush reader for Every Day Fiction the first of the month. It has been an eye-opening experience. I have read seventy-five stories over the past two weeks and it is amazing the things that people will submit, thinking that it is flash fiction.

Vignettes and memoirs and diatribes. Jokes — both fair and foul. Some of it very well written; most of it disjointed, confusing and structurally awful. So that when the occasional genuinely good story pops up, it shines!

That’s what keeps me reading. I feel like the optimistic little girl who searches that big pile of manure on her birthday, because she’s convinced there’s a pony in there somewhere.

I have managed to get some writing done. Doctor Sue’s Dr. Seuss is done and it’s longer than I thought it would be. 4,200+ words. It’s about a child psychologist whose best buddy is a big blue talking elephant named Horton and he lives within the walls of her office.

I’m cleaning it up now to get it into the mail. I’ll let you know if anybody likes it well enough to put it in print.

2 thoughts on “Don’t pay the ransom

  1. Oh my! I didn’t know that peanut allergies could develop over time. Yikes! Glad you got it all cleared up. I know that can be a hum-dinger of an allergy. Some of the kids I work with in my church nursery have that allergy and have to come every week with a shot just in case they come in contact with peanuts. Luckily, I have never had to administer such a shot!

  2. Thanks. It could be something else, I suppose. They want me to go in for a bunch of tests. But they said the symptoms, right after eating the peanut sauce, is more than coincidence.

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