Old soldiers never die

I’ve decided to retire This Little Piggy.

It has made the rounds, this past year, and keeps coming back with one of those notes that say, “We are sorry to inform you –”

It has it’s own little story tagging along behind, though.

At is heart is one of my favorite jokes, but the idea for the story came to me when I discovered that E.B. White and George Orwell were contemporaries; both ardent essayists and sticklers for grammar.

I fancied the idea that at some time, somewhere, they met before Orwell’s death in 1950, and the conversation worked its way around to farms and pigs. And This Little Piggy was born.

Some of the rejections I received were amusing in their own right.

The folks at Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine “liked this joke the first time. And the second time too. And even the third. But –”

So, I’m going to pull it in, but I’m not going to toss it into the rag-bag. I still think it’s too good a story for that.


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