At every day fiction

The February table of contents is set over at Every Day Fiction, and one of my stories — Sydney, Down Under —  is scheduled for the seventeenth.

It’s a tale of cats and cash and murder, and has nothing to do with Australia (the title, don’t you see?) and everything to do with positioning.

Here’s a link to the TOC.  I’ll remind you  about Sidney, Down Under on the seventeenth.

BTW, some of my favorite writers also have February stories at EDF.

Jon Pinnock, with tongue still planted firmly in cheek, reflects upon the burdens of beauty today in Mirror, MirrorBill Ward opens Davy’s Tool Box on the sixth.

Oonah Joslin Broadens The Mind on the eleventh. Erin Kinch is Honor Bound on the fifthteenth. Kevin Shamel offers up  Cyril Mack and the Very Cold Cup of Tea on the twenty-fifth; he says it’s really weird.

And Gay Degani will give us a look at The London Eye on the twenty-seventh.  Will that be crime fiction?  Gay writes great crime fiction.

There are lots of other stories, lots of new names; why not check it out?  If you don’t care for today’s story, there will be another one tomorrow.

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