Upon the doorsteps

My flash fiction, Upon the Doorsteps, was the featured story at Every Day Fiction on January 22; the results were mixed.

EDF allows readers to comment on stories and Upon the Doorsteps received a number of very positive remarks. Poignant was one of the words that popped up a lot.

On the other hand, EDF also allows readers to vote on each story, based upon a five-star system. My story got a fair number of high marks but there were a significant number of low marks, too.

It’s standing at 3.9 right now. If you would like to read it, and add your comments and/or vote, it’s at Upon the Doorsteps. If you do, stop reading right now and go read it, because there’s a spoiler coming.




Okay. What was more disappointing than the votes, to me, was that no one seemed to understand the nature of the story. They didn’t get it.

The story is simple; a mother and her daughter meet once a year, on the daughter’s birthday, on the steps of the church where the mother abandoned the new-born child twenty-two years ago.

The daughter is waiting, bundled in a blanket, when the mother arrives. They talk and the mother asks for forgiveness. The daughter refuses and the mother departs, leaving the daughter upon the church steps once again.

What people didn’t get is that it is a ghost story. I though a laid a trail of clues; maybe I was too subtle or maybe I just didn’t do a good enough job telling the story.


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