Some thoughts on janus day

Another year has come and gone. I have reached an age at which the months fly by but they have been eventful months. Last January, I promised myself that 2008 would be the year in which I stopped playing at writing and pursued the craft in earnest.

My goal was to write 40,000 words and to have ten short stories placed. I thought that was ambitious, but I am pleased to say that I exceeded both goals.

Total count for thirty completed short stories was 45,000 words, with another 17,000 words written on eight stories that are not yet complete. In addition, I completed a world bible for a speculative fiction novel titled Northlands Chronicle and wrote nine thousand words toward its completion.

Of the thirty stories I completed, seventeen have been published or accepted for publication at ten on-line or print magazines and the other thirteen are in circulation.

Every Day Fiction is one of those ten magazines. My sixth story there, Upon the Doorsteps, will appear as the featured story on January 22. My 62nd birthday. My seventh story at EDF, Sydney, Down Under, is coming soon.

I could say thank you to Jordan and Camille every day for the next decade and still not convey how much I appreciate their acceptance of my work and the kind words they have said about it. I also appreciate the new friends I have made through the EDF forums; I felt as if I had come home the first day I visited there. What a great bunch of people.

In 2009, I am shooting for 145,000 words; 65,000 words to complete Concrete Lions and 80,000 words to complete forty stories. And I hope to see twenty-five stories accepted for publication, with at least two of those placed in professional-rate magazines.

That’s a lot of writing. My friend Gay talks about “keeping your bottom in the chair”. I hope to put enough wear on my existing chair to require purchase of a new one. We shall see.

In any case, I hope all of you will have an eventful and successful 2009; I hope the same thing for myself, too.

I am so excited.

Edited 04/06/09

4 thoughts on “Some thoughts on janus day

  1. Somehow in all the holiday clatter I missed noticing you have a new site!! Coolness or cool beans as you are wont to say. Your 2008 success is amazing. I’m thrilled to know you as you achieved these goals. You are inspiring.

    PS I like your little progress thing-y over there.

  2. Thanks, Gay. This next year will be the big test. I think you’re pretty damned inspiring, too. And thanks for all the help on Dead Man’s Drop. You’re suggestions were spot on. It went out in the mail to Ellery Queen on the 30th, along with a last-minute entry to the Writers of the Future contest. Knock on plastic laminate for me, would you? šŸ˜‰

    P.S. I borrowed that thing-y from a couple of pro SF writers that I follow.

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