At moon drenched fables

Sarah Ashwood, flash fiction and poetry editor for Moon Drenched Fables, has accepted my flash fiction, Pisces Ascendant, for publication in the e-zine’s March 2009 issue. Thank you, Sarah!

Moon Drenched Fables. Don’t you just love the sound of that? I would want to have my work published there just on the name alone, but co-editors Sarah and Carol have a lot more than that going for them.

It’s a classy looking site and it presents orignal essays, flash fiction, short stories and poetry, all with a fantasy thread. The fiction in the current issue is singular and there are a couple of names in the table of contents that are familiar to me.

Megan Arkenberg and D.J. Barber are regulars at Every Day Fiction and their work has been popping up with some frequency in other electronic and print publications. Megan is also editor of Mirror Dance. D.J. blogs at Canyons of Gray.

Megan’s flash, The Mermaid’s Gift, is a haunting love story, and D.J.’s short fiction, Koby the Toad, had me laughing all the way to the Piney Woods by a blackwater stream just north of Great Bay, where Koby lives in a mostly rotted-out stump. Both stories are great reads.

So check out Moon Drenched Fables when you have a chance. If you like top-notch fantasy, you’ll bookmark the site and stop back again..

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