Moving in is always a chore

Welcome to my new place.

Just ignore the boxes and crates; I’m still moving in. I do that a lot, but if you’ve read my other blog, Now Playing in Seattle, you already know that.

I’ve been living in Seattle for a year now; it may be my last move. I’m getting a little too old to keep picking up and dragging my stuff around. Thank God I like it here. We have a place a stone’s throw from Puget Sound, we can see the Olympic Mountains from the bedroom window and there is a sense of comfort listening to the whistles of the ferries that come and go from the Fauntleroy Landing.

I’ve been writing full-time since January. My goal for the year was to have ten stories accepted for publication. My first published story was The Mixture at Every Day Fiction in July; if you would like to read it, there is a link in My Fiction at the top of the page.

Since The Mixture, fourteen of my other stories have been accepted by five on-line publications and three print magazines. My goal for 2009 is twenty published stories, at least two of which to be at the professional level.

As I said in my first post here, the purpose of A Moving Line is to share the ups and downs of my writing career and to talk about the craft of writing. I am not shy about sharing my thoughts and opinions, and I’ll be adding to the collection from time to time, so drop by, whenever you like; see what it is I’m ranting about at the moment.

Leave your comments, too. Dialogues are so much more fun than monologues.

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